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Welcome to the Dr Rőthy Dental Clinic

The international custom built Dental Implant Clinic is based in Szombathely and is dedicated to dental implants. It is run by doctor Istvan Rőthy, who is a renown dental implantologist with over 30 years’ experience using dental implants to restore smiles to perfection.

About Dental Clinic

The Dental Clinic is located in Szombathely...

A full range of dental services are offered combined with the greatest possible care and at the most competitive prices on the market. We are experts in tooth preservation, restoration and tooth repair for all members of the family. We provide supreme service in comfortable and hygienic surroundings at extremely affordable prices.

Our Medical Services

Overview of Services

  • Conservative dentistry
  • Dental prosthesis
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Dental surgery
  • Diagnostic radiology
  • Hygiene of oral cavity

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About Me

I am Dr István Rőthy dentist.



I was admitted to the Roll of Italian Dentists & Doctors.



I have been a member of the Implantology Society  of Hungarian Dentists since 1997, and we have been carrying out dental implantology in my surgery since then.


I opened my private surgery in Malom street in the centre of Szombathely.


I have been a specialist of dentistry and oral diseases and worked in Markusovszky Hospital in Szombathely.


I graduated from the Medical University of Pécs, and obtained a dentist degree.

Medical Expertise

Two full-time qualified assistants support patient care and my work at the surgery. Both have obtained certificates in dental hygiene and one also manages the oral hygienic work.

Medical Services

The Dental Implant Clinic places over 250 dental implants every year. We ensure that all patients are given the best possible treatment regardless of their requirements.

Conservative Dentistry

  • Realization of fillings with light-curing processes,
  • Realization of porcelain inlays and precious metals,
  • Treatment of dental roots (root canal treatment), construction of root canal fillings, using the technique "Pro-File".


Dental prosthesis

  • Dental crowns and bridges prosthetic ceramic alloy frames of precious metals and common,
  • Implementation of the same prosthesis of frames of zirconium (ZrO), material particularly suitable for any type of allergic disease against grafts metal;
  • Dental prostheses in cases of total or partial dental deficiencies;
  • Interventions for prosthetic dental deficiencies partial or limited to the end of the arch, through the so-called combined prostheses, are used for holding high aesthetic effect, such as Ceka, Preci, Bredent;
  • Crowns dental prosthesis fixed in the root canal.


Cosmetic dentistry

  • Realization of surface layers of porcelain (Veneer), which allow to correct for differences in shape and color between the teeth, with minimum sacrifice of dental material,
  • Whitening treatment with the process "in-office" (studio sessions).

Dental surgery

  • Interventions extraction and removal of decay,
  • Resection of the root apex,
  • Surgery for total roots,
  • Dental Implantology: grafts or implants Alpha-Bio Nobel Replace and Nobel Active,
  • Interventions implantologicals of grafting of bone prostheses (augmentative),
  • Large rise in the floor of the maxillary sinus to allow the execution of implantology.


Diagnostic radiology

  • Radiographs dental digital
  • Panoramic radiographs (OPT).


Hygiene of oral cavity

  • Tartar's removal with ultrasound,
  • Oral hygiene treatment, expert advice.



Rooms also recommended by us to all those (including family members) who use our dental treatments will be offered a discount of 10% on the normal price.


BoneAlbumin (Video)

On June 28, 2016

By Admin

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Albumin coated bone allograft is a new bone replacement material, with a minimal manufacturing modification of the human bone graft, which is well-known and widely used for decades. Originally the graft is processed with Urist’s method, partially decalcified, sterilized and lyophilized. It has been successfully used in Hungary for two decades. In orthopedy, traumatology, neurosurgery, maxillofacial and dento-alveolar surgery neither „serious adverse event” nor „serious complications” has occurred in the last 20 years. At the end of the original bone graft manufacturing process, the graft surface is submerged into a 10% serum albumin solution, which is manufactured in Gödöllő, Hungary, and then the graft is lyophilized again in aseptic conditions. The whole surface, including the inner pores, is covered with a uniform layer of albumin, which does not cause difference in the clinical use of the graft. Albumin infusion is typically used for healing seriously ill person, like burnt or polytraumatized patients, in order to facilitate the regeneration. The same effect is used for accelerating the integration of the bone graft.

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NeO Implant Technical movie | Alpha-Bio Tec. (Video)

On October 28, 2016

By Admin

The NeO presents a range of advanced design features, including a unique coronal cutting flute, innovative shape of variable threads combined with two micro threads and a patent-pending centering feature of the apical part. The state-of-the art design enhances the implant's distinct clinical benefits: high and firm primary engagement, high primary stability (in complex cases), reduced pressure on the cortical plate, easy penetration and long term esthetic results. With primary stability enhancers matched with bone stress reduction elements, NeO is powerful and, yet, remarkably gentle to the bone.

Ihr Lächeln

On November 5, 2016

By Admin

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Always at your service (Video)

On June 28, 2012

By Admin

We made a video to show a complete our clinic and our services that use the most modern technologies in the field of dentistry and dental ...

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